Dire Straits – Lions chords

| Am7 | C | G | F7 |
| Am7 | Am7 | Am7 | Em7 Bb9   |

[Verse 1]
Am7 C G F7Red sun, goin' down, way over dirty town.
Am7 C G D7 Starlings, they're sweepin' around them crazy shoals.
Am7 C G F7 Yes, and a girl is there, high heelin' out across the square.
Am7 C G D7 Wind it blows around in her hair and the flags upon the poles.
Dm9 Dm9 Waitin' in the crowd to cross at the light, she looks around
F E7 | Am7 | Em7 | Am7 | Em7 Bb9 |to find a face she can like. Uh huh.
[Verse 2]
Am7 C G F7Church bell clingin' on, just a tryin' to get a crowd for eve'n song.
Am7 C G D7 Nobody cares to depend upon the chime it plays.
Am7 C G F7They're all in the station prayin' for trains. The congragation late again.
Am7 C G D7 It's gettin' darker all the time these flagpole days.
Dm9Drunk old soldier, he give her a fright.
Dm9 F E7 | Am7 | Em7 | Am7 | Em7 Bb9 |He's a crazy liion, he's a howlin' for a fight. Uh huh.
[Guitar solo] | Am7 | C | G | F7 | x2 | Am7 | Am7 | Am7 | Em7 Bb9 | [Verse 3]
Am7 C G F7Strap hangin', gunshot sound, doors slaming on the overground.
Am7 C G D7 The starlings are tough, but the lions are made of stone.
Am7 C G F7Her evening paper is horror torn, but there's hope for later, Capricorn.
Am7 C G D7 Lucky stars give her just enough to get her home.
Dm9 Then she'll read about a swing to the right,
Dm9 F E7 Am7 Em7But she's athinkin' 'bout a stranger in the night.
F G I'm thinkin' 'bout the lions.
F G Thinkin' 'bout the lions.
F Gsus4 Am7 Em7 What happened to the lions tonight?
Am7 Em7 Am7 Em7 Am7 GTonight, tonight, uh huh
G Thinking about the lions
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