Direct Hit! – A Message For The Angels Pt I chords


[Verse 1]
DThis is a message for the angels: you've got a breach of security
G AAnd there's a hundred thousand demons snarling at the gates now we
DCan turn our tails and run for cover or grab our swords and spears and shields
G A DAnd send those bastards right back to their burning fields
[Verse 2]
G DSo let me say before we go I love you all
G DAnd I'm proud to be beside you when you call
G DI'll take an axe right to my skull if that's what it takes to prove that to you
A DBut something tells me I'll see you all again somehow
[Verse 3]
DSo let's raise a glass to Satan's army and say our goodbyes to our friends
G AWill we once again taste whiskey? Well I guess that that depends
DOn whether wings are better feathered or leather bound like seeds and books
G A DBut I'm betting on us, not on ugly looks
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