Doug Paisley – Drinking With A Friend chords

C F C Am G x3

[Verse 1]
C FOut of the corner of my eye
CPrettiest girl, she said goodbye
AmSuch a sad day, but where was I?
GDrinking with a friend
[Verse 2]
C FThere's a train in the station, and we'll hop on the back
CThere's nothing to lose, we've got nothing we lack
AmWhen we're rolling this fast, we don't look back
GDrinking with a friend
[Verse 3]
C FUp in the morning, and there's nowhere to go
CToo sick to feel the wind that blows
AmThere's only ever been one cure I know
GDrinking with a friend
[Verse 4]
C FSo many things that I wanted to say
CI always found the words that got in the way
AmI looked into your eyes and you turned away
GDrinking with a friend
[Interlude] C F C Am G x3 [Verse 5]
C FDown at the bottom and my blood's run thin
CI always intended to start again
AmBut I'll never rise above the din
GDrinking with a friend
[Verse 6]
C FI went out to your window as black as the coal
CThe night is empty to salve the souls
AmThe price we pay for alcohol
GDrinking with a friend
[Verse 7]
C FNothing to show for nothing I've done
CSomeday I'll be a skeleton
AmPut me into the ground, let me reach for the sun
GDrinking with a friend
[Outro] C F C Am G x2
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