Eagle Eye Cherry - Comatose In The Arms Of Slumber tab

Comatose (In The Arms of Slumber) is to find on his Debut CD - Desireless.


The Intro "Solo" remains background in all the verses - Not the bridges nor Refrain. G Em G 1. The doors are closed and the Em Walls are white G Em G Em Someone calls, but I don't wanna talk tonight G Em G Em Stay away, you all wanna, stay away G Em G Em I'm gonna be allright - allright Bridge: C Within the arms of slumber G Gonna leave it all behind C Comatose gone under G Like all the other times G Em G Em 2. With Pride and disdain, I'm gonna Ignore this pain G Em G Em When someone falls You're supposed to get up again G Em G Em I try to oblige, But I, I can't tonight G Em G Em I'm gonna be allright, allright Bridge: --//-- --//-- Ref: D Comfort of my dreams C G I resign myself to you D Dream as I Might G C Well, I'm sleeping when I'm blue D It's such a pleasure C G When I feel myself go under Em Cadd9 Stay away, stay away, while I'm in the arms of slumber G And I'm leavin' it all behind Solo: NOT intro G Em C. The magic of Sweet Morpheus G Em You're doing it once again G Em You saved me from my sadness G Em You saved me from my pain G Em Protect from depression G Em Protect me one more night G Em And I'll be allright, Allright Ref. --//-- --//--
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