Eagles Of Death Metal - Whorehoppin Shit Goddamn tab

Eagles of Death Metal
Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)

Transcribed by	: Ian Parry
Email		: ian@frogloft.com

Tuning Open G

Virtually all of EofDM's stuff is played in Open G.

This is the intro riff, but is pretty much what you play throughout the song.

D -------0---0---0-------8---8---13--13--13-----------0---0---------13---13---8--8--8---|B -------0---0---0-------5---5---10--10--10-----------0---0---------10---10---5--5--5---|G -------0---0---0-------5---5---10--10--10-----------0---0---------10---10---5--5--5---|D -----0---0---0---------5---5---10--10--10-------------------------10---10---5--5--5---|G --0---------------0----5---5---10--10--10---0---0--/3--/3--0---0--10---10---5--5--5---|D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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