Eagles – My Man tab

                                   My Man
                                 The Eagles
                             On the Border (1974)

This is a tremendous Bernie Leadon song off On the Border.  It's easy to play,so have 
with it.  The intro is the only tab I have notated, the rest is just chords.  Bernie is my 
Eagles vocalist, even though he doesn't sing much, so I love this song.  Good luck!

GUITAR 1 plays chords
GUITAR 2 plays the intro tab, and some more afterwards which I haven't notated

F/C Fmaj7/C Bbmaj7 Gm + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +e:------------------|---------0---------|-----------------|----------------|B:-----1---1--------|-1h3-1---1---------|-3-------3-------|---3-------3----|G:-0h2--------------|---------0h2-------|-0---x---3-------|---3-3-----3----|D:--------------3---|-------------------|---3-x-0-3-------|-3h5-3---3h5----|A:-------3----3-----|---------------3---|-1-------1-------|---5-5---5-5----|E:---1------------1-|----1-1----------1-|---------------1-|---3-3-----3---3|
------------------------------------------------------------------------ F C Bbmaj7 Gm + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +e:-----------------|---0-----0---------|-----------------|-----------------|B:-------1---------|-----------------1-|---3-------------|-----------------|G:-----3-0h2-------|-0h2-0---0---------|---2-2-----------|-----------------|D:-----3-----------|---------------0h2-|---------3-------|-----------------|A:-3h5-------------|---3---------3-3-3-|-------1-1---8\5~|~~~~~~~~---------|E:-----------------|-------------------|-----------------|-----------------|
------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now, GUITAR 1 plays these chords Verse 1: F Fmaj7 Tell me the truth, how do you feel? Bb Gm Like you're rollin' so fast that you're spinnin' your wheels? F C Don't feel too bad, you're not all alone Bbmaj7 Gm We're all tryin' to get along Verse 2: With ev'rybody else tryin' to go their way You're bound to get tripped, and what can you say? Just go along til they turn out the lights There's nothin' we can do to fight it Chorus: Bb C F No man's got it made G7 Dm Bb Till he's far beyond the pain F C Dm And we who must remain C Bbmaj7 C F C Go on living just the same Verse 3: I once knew a man, very talented guy He's sing for the people and people would cry They knew that his song came from deep down inside Bbmaj7 Gm F You could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes Fmaj7 Bb Gm And so he traveled along, touch your heart, then be gone F C Bb Gm Like a flower, he bloomed till that old hickory wind called him home Chorus: My man's got it made He's gone far beyond the pain And we who must remain go on living just the same Solo over Verse Chords Repeat Chorus F C Dm C Bb C F We who must remain go on laughing just the same Ab Bb F ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chords: F 133211 Bb x13331 Fmaj7 133210 Bbmaj7 x13231 Ab 466544
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