Eagles – Youre Not Alone tab

You're not Alone

This is a fairly easy interpretation of the song, based on 4-string arpegiations.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Tabbed by Rafael Pascual (Valencia, Spain)

   C : X32010
 G/B : X2000X
  Am : X02210

  Dm : xx0231
Dm/C : x3x231 
  G7 : x2x031

C G/B Am|-------------------------------------------------------------||------1-------1-------0-------0-------1-------1-------1------||----0-------0-------0-------0-------2-------2-------2--------||--2-------2-------0-------0-------2-------2-------2----------||3-------3-------2-------2-------0-------0-------0-------0--2-||-------------------------------------------------------------|Say goodbye to all your pain and sorrow...Say goodbye to all those lonely nights...
Dm Dm/c G7|------1-------1-------1-------1-------1-------1-------1------||----3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3--------||--2-------2-------2-------2-------0-------0-------0----------||0-------0----------------------------------------------------||----------------3-------3-------2-------2-------2-------2--3-||-------------------------------------------------------------|Say goodbye to all your blue tomorrows...Now you're standing in the light...
(Now it repeats within the same pattens) I know sometimes you feel so helpless Sometimes you feel like you can't win Sometimes you feel so isolated You'll never have to feel that way again F C You are not alone F C You're not alone Never thought I'd find the road to freedom Never thought I'd see you smile again Never thought I'd have the chance to tell you That I will always be your friend F C You are not alone F C You're not alone
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