Eagles – After The Thrill Is Gone tab


This is the way the eagles play this song. 
Henley/ Frey 1975

C                   F              C                   F  
1)Same Dances in the same old shoes Some habits that you just cant lose
2)Same dances in the same old shoes;you get to careful with the step you choose 
Dm                        C         Dm                 C        
1)There's no tellin' what a man use  After the thrill is gone
2)You don't care bout winning but you don't want to lose 
After the thrill is gone
C                        F              C                  F
1)The flame rises but it soon descends Empty pages and a fronzen pen;
2)Time passes and you must move on,   Half the distance takes you twice as long
Dm                         C                     Dm                  C      C/B
1)Your quite lovers and your not quite friends;    After the thrill is gone x2 
2)So you keep on singing for the sake of the song; After the thrill is gone x2

  Am                            Em7                 Dm
What can you do when your dreams come true and it not quite like you           
Your afraid you might fall out of fashion and your feeling cold

C        Am                         Em7                 Fm6                 
planned; What have you done to be losing the one, you held it so tight in your 
small;   Any kind of love without passion , that ain't no kind of loving at 

G7sus /G7

Fm6                  C
After the thrill is gone
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