Eagles – King Of Hollywood tab

Here is another underrated song by one of the best bands of all time. The Eagles.

Its just the intro and the main chords but i will try to post the solos separately soon.

Here are the two simple chords used throughout most if not all of the song F#m7 E6
e-2-----------------0----------------------|b-2-----------------2----------------------|g-2-----------------1----------------------|d-2-----------------2----------------------|a-4-----------------2----------------------|e-2-----------------0----------------------|Solos coming soon..........................
P.S. I would like to know why everyone makes such a big fuss of bands like Trivium and There music sucks especially Trivium whose songs sound like someone vomiting down a Bands like the Eagles and the Beatles produce real music that would wipe the floor with metal bands. P.SS Joe Walsh is the best guitarist in the world.(That includes Trivium)
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