Earl Thomas Conleyf – Fire And Smoke chords


Intro: G  (X2)

G Bm Em - DIn and out of honky tonks from one town to the next
Am C GBut anything worth loving Lords just too hard to forget
Bm EmEverydays another day of, Feeling more the same
D Am C D GLooks like I'll run out of highway, Before I out run the rain
G C Em But if theres fire and smoke, Ooo what a rush I got
G DWhen your love was hot, Oh but I couldn't see
Am CThat when the flame burned out, You'd leave a cold dark cloud
D GA raining down on me
Lead Ride: G - C - Em - C - D
G Bm Em - D So I'm reaching out to someone wishing, She was you instead
Am C D GEverything I left behind was waiting up ahead
Bm Em - D Pulling on the bottom baby, Looking back on you
Am C - D G Anyways the right way babe as long as I pull through
Repeat Chorus:
Am CYeah, and when the flame burned out you left a cold dark cloud
D GA raining down, A raining down on me
Outro: G (X2)
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