Earlimart - Time For Yourself chords

Am EYou said buying time is useless
FWhen all of the loose ends
C E7 Am Get you tied up in kno...ots
EIt isn't a question
FBut more a suggestion
C E7 Am That you're supposed to move on
Am EIf apathy befalls you
FAnd nobody calls you
C E7 AmTo see if your heart is alright
E Fm The operation will end the frustration
C E7 AmRemoving the blinders to fly
Am EThat we didn't see the problems
C E7Up until the point that we solved them
F Maybe if we hadn't looked out on the ocean
GWe wouldn't have fallen in
Am ENow there's a letter on the shelf,
C E7Baby you need time for yourself
F I'll give it to you
G All the rest seems to logically follow
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