Early November - Long Talks Acoustic tab

So I noticed there were some innacurate tabs for this song so I retabbed it (acoustic) 
you guys can have something good to work with *not meaning to insult the previous tabber(s))

I played it over and I'm pretty sure its right on. If I made a mistake or something just 
me at Dmitro.J@hotmail.com

***Tune all strings up or down relavent to Drop D tuning if you want to sing along to 
song but its not your range***

Pre Chorus:E|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------|G|--------9----9----9----9----9----9----9-----------|D|---9h11---11---11---11---11---11---11---11--------|A|---0----------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: A A/F# D AE|--0--------7---------2-----| |----0~---| (Hold the last A chordB|--2--------7---------3-----| |----2~---| until verse starts)G|--2--------6---------2-----| |----2~---|D|--2--------4---------0-----|X2 |----2~---|A|--0-X16----4-X16-----0-X16-| |----0~---|D|-----------4---------0-----| |---------|
Bridge:(The part where he says I want it anyway you know it)
E|--0~--------7~---------2~-------|B|--2~--------7~---------3~-------|G|--2~--------6~---------2~-------|D|--2~--------4~---------0~-------|A|--0~--------4~---------0~-------|D|------------4~---------0~-------| Anyway, Anyway, Anyways....(you know how it goes ;)
*Its actually the same as the chorus except the strumming is different so just listen to the song and you should get it :) and o yeah, I'm not very sure about transition between chorus and the bridge but i did my best. Thanks again and sry for all these notes lol -Dmitro J.
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