Easton Corbin – I Cant Love You Back chords ver. 2

You can play this on Capo 3 or 4.  The recording is Capo 4

G Em I can love you in the morning I can love you all day
C D GI can love you even more when I get home
G EmI can love you every second to the ends of the earth
C D GWhere needing you's the only thing that's on
Em C C9my broken one track mind
G Em C D GGirl, I love you crazy It comes so easy, after all we had
G EmI could love you with all my heart but the hardest part is
C D G CI just can't love you back
G EmI could write a thousand letters Call a hundred times a day
C D GOr try to drown my sorrow at the bar
G EmI could go down to the church Get on my knees and pray
C D GBut it still won't change the way things really are
Em C C9Won't bring you back again
G mI can love you for all I'm worth to the ends of the earth but
C D C C9 GI just can't love you back
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