Easyworld - Try Not To Think tab

song - try not to think
artist - easyworld
album - better ways to self destruct
tabbed by - rose williams abadchoice@hotmail.com

main riffe-----------------3--6>--(3)----------------------b--3--4--3--4--6----------------------------------g-------------------------------------------------d-------------------------------------------------a-------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------
bridgee---------------------4>-----------------1--3>----b-------------------------------------------------g-------------------------------------------------d-------------------------------------------------a-------------------------------------------------E-wait during beeps---------more beeps------------
notes intro - main riff verse - hold last note 6> on for 10 bars, play main riff, hold 6> then change to (3) when u hear it chorus - u can play main riff without 1st 2 notes for chorus end - 3 fret on b string repeated
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