Easyworld - A Stain To Never Fade tab

song - a stain to never fade
artist - easyworld
album - better ways to self destruct
tabbed by - rose abadchoice@hotmail.com

main riffe-------------------------------------------------------b-12--12--12--12-----10-10--10--11-----12--12--12-12--g---12--12--12--12-----11--11--11--12-----12-12-12-12d-------------------------------------------------------a-------------------------------------------------------e-------------------------------------------------------
chorus intro/outroe-15--------15------b-----13--------13--g---12--12----12--12d-------------------a-------------------e-------------------
verse - play the main riff twise clean and twise with distortion and carry on like that all the way thru the song. chorus intro/outro - is with distortion on chorus - play main riff with distortion
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