Echo And The Bunnymen - The Fountain chords

Intro: C,F,Fsus2 x3. Dm,G

C F Fsus2I slept by mountains
C F Fsus2Of rivers we crossed
C F Fsus2I dreamt of the fountain
C F Fsus2And the coin that we tossed
Dm GNow i'm just counting
Dm GThe dreams that were lost
Dm GOne coin in a fountain
Am GWas all that it cost
F GWas that all it cost?
C F Fsus2I followed the ocean
C F Fsus2I swallowed the seas
C F Fsus2I buried emotions
C F Fsus2I couldn't set free
Dm GI took every potion
Dm GFrom A to me
Dm GAnd that was devotion
Am GWas that really me?
F GIs that really me?
F G CWhat a way to waste your wishes
F G CChanging something for somehow
F G CAnd what i'd pay to taste you kisses
AmOh yeah
GHere and now
GHere and now
GHere and now
GD'you hear me now?
C F Fsus2
C F Fsus2Wash me down
C F Fsus2Wash me down
Dm G
C F Fsus2Will there be thunder?
C F Fsus2Will lightning strike?
C F Fsus2Will i kneel and wonder
C F Fsus2In a tunnel of light?
Dm GWill i go under
Dm GAnd give up the fight?
Dm GWhen they call my number
Am GCall in the night
F GCall in the night
C Am GI cried the fountain dry
C Am GI climbed the mountains high
CHalleluah, halleluah
Am G C halleluah
Fsus2: 1 1
0 3 3 -
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