Echo And The Bunnymen - My Kingdom tab version 1

My Kingdom

Intro:  G  C  (4X)  D  G  C  G  (2X)

D            G              C       G
I chop and I change and the mystery thickens
D                   G         C              G
There's blood on my hands and you want me to listen
D               G              C             G
To brawn and to brain when the truth's in the middle
D           G              C    G
Born of the grain like all good riddles

    D                     C
B-b-burn the skin off and climb the roof top
G Gsus4 GThy will be done D CB-b-bite the nose off and make it the most of GYour king- kingdom kingdom kingdom
You kill when you talk and the enemy weakens Your words start to walk when you're not even speaking If my heart is a war it's soldiers are bleeding If my heart is a war it's soldiers are dead Chorus Solo over C G I've lost and I've gained and while I was thinking You cut off my hands when I wanted to twist If you know how to dance to boney maroney He's doing the ballet on both of his wrists Chorus G C G (you're a bitter malignous person) C G (and the death is well overdue) (you suck the blood that kills you) (you kiss the hand that hates you) By: Josť Duarte
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