Ed Harcourt - Loneliness tab


      A		   D		       G
Loneliness is the worst thing in the world 

C					       F
To be alone all the day long, no ring on the phone
		     G        F     G
Yeah this is wrong, low down loneliness 

This loneliness, I must confess, yes it's a mess
Of this loneliness, low down loneliness, 
Loneliness all around 
      Am             D              G
Loneliness, you have found me loneliness 

This loneliness, all of the time, Yeah loneliness
You're so unkind, low down loneliness 

Loneliness everywhere 
Loneliness, I've got more that my share 

This loneliness, my destiny, Oh loneliness, 
Was I born to be in low down loneliness? 
      C  C7

by: José Duarte
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