Ed Helms - Stus Song tab

  Stu's Song by:Ed Helms (From The Hangover)
Capo 5(Tab and chords relative to the capo)

IntroE :-0-h2-3-------12---8---0-|----0-----0---------|B :----------3------------1-|--1---1---1---------|G :------0-0---0----0---0---|0-------0-0---------|D :-----------------------2-|----------2---------|A :-------------------------|--------------------|E :-------------------------|--------------------|
G What do tigers dreams of? C When they take a little tiger snooze G Do they dream of mauling zebras C Or Hallie Barry in her catwoman suit D Em Don't you worry your pretty striped head C G Were gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed D Em And then were gonna find our best friend Doug C G And then were gonna give him a best friend hug D Em C G Doug Doug Oh Doug Doug Dougie Doug Doug G* Am Bm ? ? C G but if hes been murdered by crystal meth tweekers...then were sh*t out of luck. G*= E:x B:3 G:0 D:0 A:2 E:3 ?= E:3 B:3 G:5 D:x A:x E:x
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