You Need Me I Dont Need You tab with lyrics by Ed Sheeran - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ed Sheeran – You Need Me I Dont Need You tab

First tab I've done so please be gentle with the feedback :) This tab is based on the
studio version that was shown live on SBTV (link: but I realise live versions may differ. any 
feedback to, enjoy :)

First Part:|-------------------------------||-----12-----12-----12-----12/--||--9------9------9------9-------||-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-------------------------------|
Second Part:|------------------------------||-------8---10p8------10p8-----||--7h9------------9---------9--||------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------|
Then the chords are as follows, they are sometimes played quitely and strings are mutedbut this is the sequence throughout: E G A C5 D5 A5|--0-3-5-----------||--0-3-5-----------||--1-4-6-----------||--2-5-7--10-12-7--||--2-5-7--10-12-7--||--0-3-5--8--10-5--|
hope thats cool for you :) Connor Slasberg x
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