Blind Faith chords with lyrics by Ed Sheeran - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Ed Sheeran – Blind Faith chords

Capo 3rd Fret...although feel free to move it to suit your voice

Have a listen to this one on youtube feat. devlin an some fat chick,BIG TUNEE..

try this one out,may not be perfect but definatly gets the sound of the song and 
is a great one to pop out with at a party or something..enjoy 


E Bm D I am a man with a heavy heart,
(A) E an i dare not tear the pages,
Bm D (A) EFighting with automatic self-destruction, i...
Bm D A EIt's a blind faith,a cruel race,one bitter taste,
Bm Dso i know i cant fight this sweet sensation..........
Chorus- (same chord Progression)
E Bm.....Sweet sensation..............................
My first tab,know it aint great but noones done this song so why not :) PLEASE POST CORRECTIONS <3
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