Ed Sheeran – Small Bump tab

this is the tab for ed sheeran's small bump. im pretty sure this is how ed himself plays 
it as it sound perfect if you get the timing right!

it uses standard tunning and a capo on the 3rd fret, to match the recording.

this is my first tab, so if i havent used symbols correctly, dont be to harsh on the ratings!

if you cant under stand the tab, visit for a video tutorial:


for part 2 visit:



the chords (i dont know what theyre all called so ill name them 'chord 1' etc.):

chord 1: (0,0,0,2,2,0)
chord 2: (0,0,0,4,2,0)
chord 3: (0,0,0,2,3,0)
chord 4: (0,0,0,0,2,3)
chord 5: (0,3,2,0,0,0)
chord 6: (x,3,2,0,0,2)

                                     !!!!IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ BELOW!!!!

also, i dont know how to put this on a tab, so ill say it here. when in put a / infront 
of a number, it means you strum the string upwards (dont finger pick them).
here it is!:

chord 1 chord 2 chord 3 chord 4 chord 5¦-------------¦----/0-x¦-----/0-x¦------------¦-----------¦¦-------------¦----/0-x¦-----/0-x¦------------¦-3/5-5/3---¦¦--0-x-----0-x¦--0-/0-x¦-0---/0-x¦-0-x-----0-x¦-2/4-4/2-0-¦¦--2-x---2---x¦--4-/4-x¦-0h2-/2-x¦-0-x---0---x¦-0---0-----¦¦----x-2-----x¦--2----x¦-3------x¦---x-3-----x¦-----------¦¦--0-x-------x¦-------x¦--------x¦-2-x-------x¦-----------¦
chord 1 chord 2 chord 3 chord 4 chord 6¦-------------¦----/0-x¦-----/0-x¦---------------/0-x¦----x-¦¦-------------¦----/0-x¦-----/0-x¦---------------/0-x¦---/3-¦¦--0-x-----0-x¦--0-/0-x¦-0---/0-x¦-0-x-----0-x-0-/0-x¦-0-/2-¦¦--2-x---2---x¦--4-/4-x¦-0h2-/2-x¦-0-x---0---x-0-/0-x¦-0-/0-¦¦----x-2-----x¦--2----x¦-3------x¦---x-3-----x------x¦------¦¦--0-x-------x¦-------x¦--------x¦-2-x-------x-2----x¦-2----¦
thankyou for looking at! remember to rate 5 star!;) tabbed by ptointon7
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