Ed Sheeran – Autumn Leaves chords ver. 2

First tab on UG :) This was made up mainly from a very good chords version but the 
picking described wasn't quite right.
When I say 'G with F#' it is not G/F because G doesn't have an F# in. Just move your 
root note down one fret.
Also the G - play with your 3rd finger on 3rd fret of B string. Still a G chord but 
obviously you get that recurring D not in all the chords.
Where it is a C chord you can play it 2 ways. The way I have tabbed (the way Ed plays), 
but you could also try this way which I prefer:

e-----------------------|B-------1--pull off 0---|G----0------------------|D-----------------------|A--3--------------------|E-----------------------|
You could add this in maybe every 3rd time - just to add some contrast if you want to. Don't take this tab as gospel - play around with it - picking is meant to be experimented with! Capo 2 Intro E7 G with F# G C
Repeat again once for intro, then repeat twice for verse. Then there are 2 verses together... You get it dont you?! You play 6 times, then the chorus 4 times, then the verse 4 times etc. Chorus G G with F# E7 C
Repeat 3 more times. So, yeah! As I say - experiment with this. Embellish it with hammer ons, pull offs, fills - what ever you want. It's a beautiful song!
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