Ed Sheeran – Grade Eight tab

Ed Sheeran - Grade 8 (Released 12th Sept) from the album +.


Tabbed by Eddie Jones-West (King_Elessar99@hotmail.com)


Worked this out from the 'Gig at your Gaff' footage which you can find on Youtube.

Capo 2nd fret.

Chords used

     Em     G    C   Edim

Those are the chords for the whole song in that order apart from the bridge and the final chorus: The Bridge only plays the Em and the Edim and mutes the rest:
Final Chorus: Em Badd9 C D
The strumming pattern through out is pretty much the same, check out the video for the exact rhythm (it's the first song he plays) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOzta-D1mOI As a side note I like to hammer on every 1st and 3rd chord like he does in the video. If you need any other Ed Sheeran tabs that aren't on here let me know! Buy the album and support upcoming artists! Enjoy!
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