Ed Sheeran – The A-team chords ver. 9

Left handed
A-Team preferably done on an acoustic but if not,
pick up-neck tone-4 bass-6 middle-7 treble-4 capo 2nd fret intro: G C G C G C G C
G G/F Emwhite lips, pale face, breathing in the snow flakes
C G Cburnt lungs, sour taste
G G/F Emlights gone, days end, struggling to pay rent
C Glong nights, strange men
A7 Cand they say she is in the class A-Team
G Dstuck in here daydream been this way since eighteen
but lately
A7 Cher face seems, slowly sinking, wasting
G Dcrumbling like pastries, and they scream the worst things in life,
come free to us
Em C G we're all under the upper hand, goes mad for a couple grams
Em C Gshe dont want to go outside, tonight
Em C Gand in a pipe she willl fly to the motherland, and sell love to another man
Em C Gits to cold outside
Em C Gfor angels to f--l--y X2
you can work out the rest it is exactly the same. first tab complete
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