Eddie From Ohio - Bleecker To Broadway tab

Eddie From Ohio-Bleecker to Broadway  website:www.efohio.com

Capo 4th fret

This is the main riff and is repeated during the verse, intro, and after the chorus.
Play the hammer-ons loudly. You can make variations of this because that’s what efo

Em7 G/B Csus2e|----------------------3-------------------------------|B|-------3------------3------------3----------3---------|G|-----0-----0------0-----------0----0-----0---(0)------|D|-0h2---------0h2-------(0)----------------------------|A|--------------------------0h2--------0h3--------------|E|------------------------------------------------------|
Chords to Chorus: I think Am Em Am G Am G [C D7] There are two guitars of course, so you can change with the verse riff to play what you want That’s pretty much it. Email me at Atwbthe3rd@yahoo.com for questions/corrections/suggestions -Adam Brunell
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