Eddie Meduza - Just Like An Eagle chords


The intro part wich is repeated through out the song goes something like this: 

(do this with hammer on and pulloffs just like it sounds)-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| -------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| -------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| -----5-7-5---|-------------|-------------|-------------| -5-7-------7-|-5-7---------|-------------|-------------| -------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
EmI remember when I met you
ALove was like a burning flame
EmAnd your love was more than tender
AMelted me the day you came
FAnd we used to be so happy
AmRolling down a gentle stream
F GNow I realize that all the things
Amwe had was just a dream
(and the same goes for the rest of the verses and bridges.) *Chorus*
GAnd I feel just like an eagle
AmFlying lonely in the sky
FSearching through the land of memories
CFor the times that did go by
GTho' I don't want to remember
AmI keep searching for your love
FLike a lost and lonely eagle
CFlying in the skies above
AmFlying in the skies above
and so on...
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