Eddie Vedder – Better Days chords

Eddie Vedder - Better Days (Eat,Pray,Love OST)

wonderful song from the movie Eat,Pray,Love ; enjoy strumming eddie's words :p 

G D G DI feel part of the universe opened up to meet me.
G D G DMy emotion so submerged broken down to kneeling
C C7+once listening
Am Dvoices they came
G D GHad to somehow read myself
Dread myself
G D Gheard vibration within my cells
Din my cells
F DSinging ah ah ah ah ah ah
G D GMy love is safe for the universe
D GSee me now I'm bursting
D GOn one planet so many turns
Ddifferent worlds
F Dsinging ah ah ah ah ah ah
(solo) C F C F C F C F G
D GFrom my heart with discipline
DPut there for the teaching
G D GIn my head see clouds of stairs
DHelp me as I'm reaching
C C7+ Am DThe future's paved with better days
(G C G F C C G G)
G CI'm running from something
G F CI'm running towards the day
Gwide awake
CA whisper once quiet
G F CNow rising to a scream
GI am me.
CI'm falling free fallin
G F CWorld's calling me
GAbove my needs
Oh I'm soaring
C G F CYeah and darlin' you'll be the one that I can need
GStill be free
C G F COur futures paved with better days
( G C* B* A* G ) Tabbed by Yazid Kanane (rock-x5@hotmail.fr)
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