Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun tab version 1

Ok,, so here is the tabs for Hard Sun by Sunhouse. 
They are a very good band and do not get as much 
credit as they should. I did not see any tabs for this song 
so i decided to make them, hope they are right.

Tunning is 1/2 step down

 C                            G
City lights flick to display, bang there goes another day
 F                                        D
the believers in the basement, they are singing songs about a way
 F                         G                           C             G
to reborn and regenerate, emotionless and considerate to me                            

Up here on the second floor i've forgotten what I'm waiting for
A friend, a brother, women, mother, maybe
but i have all these and this old fate, emotionless and considerate to me

 C                      G                   F                D
Well it's a hard sun, a hard sun thats, been beating on my back
         F       G                       C          G
its a hard sun, that shines its light on me

The chords for the chorus and verse are just the same 
throughout the rest of the song. Thanks, and if there 
is any problems or corrections e-mail me at 
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