Eddplant – Less Than Three chords ver. 2

An acoustic version I came up with by ear. Might be slightly off, but it fits well.

Intro: B, F#, E

BLet me start by saying sorry
F#I know I don't tell you how I feel
EIt takes enough to say I want you but that's not what you need
(Play this pattern for all the verses)
C#m AI'm the last straw on the camel's back away
E B AFrom saying those three words
B F#I'm putting a message in this song
EAnd I'll get everyone to sing along
B. F#Just to let you know how I feel
EA valentine on mp3
Yours forever, less than three
B F#Take the distance from the depths of the deepest ocean
To the surface of Pluto C#mAnd multiply by as far as you can count
AAnd you'd still be nowhere near
EYou'd still have no idea
BHow much I want to hold you
And that's it! Repeat the verses and choruses, add some variation, but those are the chords to the fantastic 'Less Than Three' by the wonderful Eddplant! <3
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