Eddy Grant - I Dont Wanna Dance tab

Well i've been asked to do this some time ago, and here it is. 
I tried to make a GuitarPro tab but i couldn't get the rhythm nice, 
so the timing is a bit relative. You can import it in GP to get a feel 
how it should sound but don't know if it'll sound right.
At the double stop note, he does a strange sound, I don't know exactly 
how you should play that.
Anyway, have fun!

Solo S E. S E. S E. S E S H. E E E||------------------------------------|----------------------------|B||------------------------------------|------------------------12--|G||--------------11-----13-----11--13S-|--16~------------11s13------|D||----11s13---------------------------|----------------------------|A||------------------------------------|----------------------------|E||------------------------------------|----------------------------|
E. S Q Q Q E E H. ----------------------------------|-------------------------|--12---14-14b----14pb----14pbr----|--12--14--14~------------|----------------------------------|-------------------------|----------------------------------|-------------------------|----------------------------------|-------------------------|----------------------------------|-------------------------|
E. E. E. E. E E E E. H. S --12---11---12---11---12p--11p--9--|--11---------------------|--12-------------------------------|-------12~------------12-|-----------------------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------------------|-------------------------|
|-----3-----| |-3-|
S E. Q Q Q S S S S E Q E Q E E E -------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|----s-14---12----11----12----11h-12p-11----|------11-----------------------11--|----------------------------------------13-|---L--------13--11~----11--13------|-------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------|
E E E H ----------11--11~--------||--12--14-----------------||-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------||
I say dont bother too much reading the letters above, just feel the music :) Tempo= 136 Duration Legend --------------- W - whole H - half Q - quarter E - 8th S - 16th T - 32nd X - 64th . - note dotted |-n-| - n-tuplets Tablature Legend ---------------- L - tied note (n) - ghost note h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend br - bendRelease pb - preBend pbr - preBendRelease brb - bendReleaseBend s - legato slide ~ - vibrato I expect ratings and comments!
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