Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros – Janglin chords

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Janglin'  (Capo 2nd fret)
(C) (C/B) (Am) X 2
(C) Mmm bop (C/B) mm baa (Am) mm baa ba dop ba dop ba X 6
Well (C) our mama’s (C/B) they (Am) left us
And (C) our daddy’s (C/B) took a (Am) ride
And (C) we walked out (C/B) of the (Am) castle
And (C) we held our (C/B) head up (Am) high
Well (C) we once were (C/B) the (Am) Jesters
In (C) your Kingdom by (C/B) the (Am) sea
And (C) now we’re out to be (C/B) the (Am) masters
For (C) to set our (C/B) spirits (Am) free – set (G) free
(G) We want to (F) feel (C) ya! Hey! (Am)
We don’t mean to (F) kill (C) ya! Hey! (Am)
We come back to (F) heal (C) ya – (G) Janglin' (Am) soul
(G) Edward and the (Mute) Magnetic Zeros
(C) (C/B) (Am) X 2
Well (C) your wartime (C/B) is (Am) Funny
Your (C) guns don’t (C/B) bother (Am) me
I (C) said we’re out (C/B) to prove (Am) the truth of
The (C) man from (C/B) Galilei (Am)
Well (C) your laws are (C/B) for (Am) Dummies, yeah
Your (C) insti(C/B)tutions (Am) dead
I (C) say we’re out to (C/B) blow the (Am) trumpet
To (C) wake you all (C/B) from (Am) bed – from (G) bed
We carry the mail
We carry it home
We carry the Mail now
We carry it home
Scare up your Letters
Give us your Tails
Blowing like Whale now to
Magnetic Ears
(Discordant Strumming) WOW! (G Buildup to Chorus)
(C) (C/B) (Am) X 3
Verse (C & C/B): Down, Down, Up
Verse (Am): D, D, U    U, D, U
Chorus (G): D U D U (increasing in volume)
Chorus (F C G Am): DDU DDU DD SlowStrumUp,UDU
C/b  X22010

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