Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros - Come In Please chords

One difficult tab to hear, but here it is. Hope it is correct
and if you think there are some mistakes, feel free to contact
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*Note: the Bb in the chorus could also be Bbsus4.

Intro: G Bb C G Bb C GE---------------------------------------------------------------------|B-3------3---6-----6---8-----6--3------3---6-----6---8-----6--3-----3-|G---0----------0---------0--------0----------0---------0--------0-----|D---------------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------|E-3---3------6---6-----8---8----3---3------6---6-----8---8----3---3---|
Bb C G Bb C GE--------------------------------------------------------------------|B-6-----6---8-----8--8-----6--3-----3--6-----6---8-----6--3------3---|G---0----------0-------0--------0--------0---------0--------0--------|D--------------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------|E-6---6-----8---8----8---8----3---3----6---6-----8---8----3---3------|
G Bb C G Once upon a time I was the hurricane boy
Bb C GThere was no eye in me for you to hide
Bb C G Head low don't show oceans in my eyes
Bb C GAs the waves clap goodbye to sorrow
G F CDaddy's on the mountain yellin' at the bloody sky
G F CMama's in the mirror actin out another life
G F C CmChildren in the schoolyard singin' 'everybody dies'
G Bb C GAnd I am on the corner with a sentimental eye
G Bb C GI am on the corner singin sentimental lies.
G Bb C G Hopped up on a gypsy train with tracks that you can hide
Bb C GThat way no storm could follow our tomorrows
Bb C GBut Shackled to a suitcase full of automatic thunder CLAP!
Bb C G All hail to death's boy-wonder
G F CJJ's in the kitchen talking bout the end of times
G F CMo's thowin Kerouac to Catch Her In the Rye
G F C CmTempermental yogis bakin merryweather pie
G Bb C GAnd I am on the corner with a sentimental eye
G Bb C GI am on the corner singin' sentimental lies
G FSometimes said it's suntime
C BbLet it sunshine on my mind
(Outro)11-10-8-6-10-6------------------------------|---------------5-----------1-------1--------|-----------------7-3---0h2----2----0h2------|--------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|All the same its conscience waitingCross the line
*Intro again and the chords are the same in the rest of the song. (1) Last night I dreamed myself upon a golden glade The clouds passed in and out of my reflection And everyone I've known held my hands till they were clay And the storm finally bled from my complexion (2) Now Jadey's on the mountain singing 'We will never die' The band is in the rainbow playin love for you and I Heath is riding shotgun aimin at the paper sky And I am only 'I am' now I've opened up my eye I am only 'I am' that I've opened up my eye (Chorus) Sometimes said its suntime Let it sunshine on my mind Healing I need healing A good feeling I can Shine Feel it like you can see it Like you can dream it in your mind Sunny Hallelujah comin to ya Rain or shine I'm just saying its Conscience waiting Cross the line
E----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-3------3---3------3--3-----3--3-----3--1-----1--1-----1--4-----4---4-----4-|G---0----------0---------0--------0--------0--------0--------0---------0-----|D----------------------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------3---3----3---3----1---1-----1---1---|E-3---3------3---3-----1---1----1---1----------------------------------------|(And repeat this last riff)
Cross the line Cross the line
GCross the line
FCross the line
CCross the line
Bbsus4Cross the line
x6 Uuuh uuuh ! Uuuh uuuh ! Uuuh uuuh ! Cross the line ! X2 (Outro) All the same its conscience waiting
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