Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros – Fiya Wata chords

Left handed
                             Fiya Wata- Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Chords Used

G F Ce|---3---1--0-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---3---1--1-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---0---2--0-------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---0---3--2-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---2---3--3-------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---3---1--3-------------------------------------------------------------------|
G FI'm sending you all of my love
C GYou with a heart to feel it (feel it)
FYou in the light and dark
C GWith the eyes to see it (see it)
G FLove, Go ahead
C GLove stand beside us!
F C GLove is within each heart to guide us
F CAnd I thank the sun for shining that light
(no chords) And lettin' love blaze like
C GWe're all still learning
FThe river forgives,
C GAll tides are turning
F(You know) some say the river won't flow
C GThey say it's gonna stay run dry
F(You know) well, once more the river will flow
C GFor every time it was dry
F CWe'll all be sharing a river of love
(no chords) And letting love blaze like Fire
River, river, river, river Love like a river, The river it flows
G F C GHowever dark or long the night is
F C GRight where you are, that's where the light is
GMy love
FThe sun
C GIt's your reflection
GIt's true
FWe're one
C GWe're all each other
G FLay down your arms
C GLay down your gun
Fopen your arms
C Gfree your heart
FAnd know one day I'll see you all
C Gfarther down this river
F C GTo a place we've never, ever known (no)
F C GTonight our son will finally know the sound of love delivered
F C GTo its hidin' place beneath the winter snow
F CAnd I thank the sun for shining that light
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