Edwin Mccain – Throw It All Away tab

		"Throw It All Away" by Edwin McCain
                  From the album "Scream & Whisper"

Tabbed by: Aaron Field
Email: Oasis4U2NV@aol.com

Chords used:  

C Am Em7 Em6 D Cadd9 G CM7 Eme|-0----0----0----0----2----3----3----0----0-|B|-1----1----3----2----3----3----3----1----0-|G|-0----2----0----0----2----0----0----0----0-|D|-2----2----2----2----0----2----0----2----2-|A|-3----0----2----2----x----3----2----2----2-|E|-0----x----0----0----x----0----3----0----0-|
Listen to the CD for strumming patterns. Intro: C-Am-Em7-Em6 (x2) Verse 1: C Am Em7 Em6 It's taken all this time to work you out C Am Em7 Em6 And if I wasn't sure before now I'm in no doubt Bridge 1: D Am You're running out of things to say D Cadd9 And I can see it in your face D You're gonna throw it all away Chorus: C G Em7 D Makes no difference what you say 'cause you can't hide it Am C G Em7 'Cause every moment slips away there's no denying A C That I know, yes I know Em7 Em6 You're gonna throw it all away Verse 2: C Am Em7 Em6 You've been running for so long you've lost your way C Am Em7 Em6 It doesn't matter what you do it's getting closer every day Repeat Bridge 1 Repeat Chorus Bridge 2: CM7 Em You're gonna throw it all away Em7 Em6 You're gonna throw it all away CM7 Em You're gonna throw it all away Repeat Chorus (x2)
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