Edwin Mccain - Couldnt Love You More tab

Album:  Scream & Whisper

		    Couldn't Love You More - Edwin McCain

Tabbed by: Kevin Fortier
Email:       hey_man2000@hotmail.com

Tuning: EADGBe

F#m    (2x4200)
Dsus2  (x00230)
E      (022100)
Bsus4  (x24400)
Asus2  (x02200)
Esus   (022200)

> = straight to the next

Here is the finger picking style for the Verse
Its pretty much this style the whole song...

Asus2 E Dsus2 E Asus2 E Dsus2e|-----------0------0-------0-------------0------0-------|B|----0-------0----3-3-----0-------0-------0----3-3------|G|---2-2----------2---------------2-2----------2-----2---|D|--2-------2----0--------2--2---2-------2----0--------0-|A|-0-------2-------------2----2>0-------2----------------|E|--------0-------------0--------------0-----------------|
Intro: there is none, start with Asus2 Verse: Asus2 E Dsus2 E After the big parade when all the limelight fades Asus2 E Dsus2 I'll be the one to kiss your eyes Asus2 E Dsus2 E The roar fades in the air like hope from a lover's prayer Asus2 E Dsus2 The light from my heart begins to rise Chorus: Asus2 E F#m Dsus2 Asus2 And they said I couldn't love you and that it would never last E F#m Bsus4 Asus2 He's just a crazy boy just look at his past E F#m Dsus2 Bsus4 And they said I couldn't love you but that was just a lie E Asus2 I couldn't love you more if I tried Play this: Asus2 - E - F#m - Bsus4 Asus2 - E - Dsus2 Verse 2: Asus2 E Dsus2 E I was the lucky one, the one having all the fun Asus2 E Dsus2 Running into the sun, the party never ends Asus2 E Dsus2 E You waited there for me so loving and patiently Asus2 E Dsus2 Shutting out sad words from your friends (Play Chorus) Bridge: Bsus4 Asus2 E F#m E Bsus4 I don't own any armor and I might not be that brave Asus2 E Asus2 E Esus You might be the one I resuce but I'll be the one you save (Chorus) after the last chorus play this: F#m - Bsus4 - E Asus2 - E - F#m - Bsus4 Asus2 - E - Dsus2 Asus2 - E - F#m - Bsus4 Asus2 - E - Dsus2 Hope you enjoy! Any comments/questions email me.
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