Eels - My Timing Is Off chords

Capo III:

C Em Dm Am G (3x)

C EmMy timing is off
Dm Am GShe isn't ready for my love
C EmIt's all that I got
Dm Am G But it's a pretty big thing
F CThat she should recognize;
Am Em GThe truth between us cannot hide
She knows that it's real But the situation doesn't fit I know what I feel And I know that this is really Everything it's all about And I don't have a single doubt My timing is off But sometimes that's how it all works Believe it or not We don't have a choice In matters of the heart; Just gotta be brave enough To love and let yourself be loved My timing is off And I'm not worried 'bout a thing She knows that it's real She couldn't throw it all away For fear of happiness This isn't like that other mess
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