Eels – In My Dreams tab

Tabbed by: xiempie

Capo 6th fret


C Bb F Ge|-0------------------------------|B|---1---1--3-----2--------0------|D|-----0------3-----3---3----0----|G|--------------3-----3--------0--|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------| 6x
C Bb F G C Bb F G My love is always just as she seems C Bb F G C Bb F G A force of nature all her own to be reckoned with F Dm Am C Whatever's wrong with me, her kiss redeems F Dm And its all there In my dreams (Continue C Bb F G) In my dreams My love is soaring She glides through the sky Hardly a warning she takes my hand Says "open your eyes" We look down on the Earth and all its schemes We laugh and its all there in my dreams Bb F We swoop down below the clouds C G Destination unknown Bb And then she says F lets go home (Continue C Bb F G) My love is resting under a tree She whispers softly in my ear as she lay next to me That was the funnest day Her sad eyes beam And it’s all there in my dreams In my dreams
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