Eels - Fucker chords

       A fantastic Eels song, and I know there are some other
       versions on here, but this one is more like E plays it
       live and acoustic, I think it sounds pretty close. Also
       I tried to space the words as it sounds when he sings it,
       definitely best played when you are in a melancholy mood, enjoy
                      if you like it rate it

                          **CAPO 5th FRET**

        C  Em  F  G    C  Em  F  G

C Em F G I came home tonight, felt like I'd died of loneliness
C Em F G Strange you think, popu-lar-ity
F C Bb F Looking for a simple life, but life ain't simple
F C Bb NO CHORDS I'm tired and sick but I, Don't wanna be alone
C Em F G I go to a party, But I don't really want to
C Em F G For now I'm sitting out here on my porch
F C Bb F Writing in the dark air, listening to
F C Bb *Let Ring* My little black cat Miaow
C Em F G Trying to vent some of the terrible passion
C Em F G That's coursing through me
C Em F G Somethin' about you somethin' about spending the afternoon
C Em F G Asleep in your arms
C Em F G C Em F G C I hate you fucker
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