Eels - End Times tab

SONG : End times
BAND : Eels
ALBUM : End Times
TABBED BY : Davy Flament (


 Capo 2nd
 Drop D tuning

INTRO & VERSE: C F C e -||-----0-0-----1-------0----|- B -||-----1-1-----1-------1----|- G -||-----0-0-----0-------0----|- D -||-----2-2-2h3-3p(2)---2----|- G -||---3---------------3------|- x2 D -||--------------------------|-
VERSE: C F C Crazy guy with a matted beard C F C Standing on the corner Shouting out "end times are near" And nobody noticed him CHORUS:
Bb F C F C e -||----1-----1---|------0-0-----1-------0----|- B -||----3-----1---|------1-1-----1-------1----|- G -||----3-----2---|------0-0-----0-------0----|- D -||----3-----3---|------2-2-2h3-3p(2)---2----|- G -||--1-----3-----|----3---------------3------|- D -||--------------|---------------------------|-
Bb Dm Am Bb e -||----1-----------0-----1--|- B -||----3-----3-----1-----3--|- G -||----3-----2-----2-----3--|- D -||----3-----0-----2-----3--|- G -||--1-------0---0-----1----|- D -||--------0----------------|-
Bb F C F C But I can hear him loud and clear Bb Dm Am Bb She is gone now, and nowhere near Bb F Seems like end times are here repeat INTRO VERSE: I walk around a puddle in the street And head on home Outside my window there's a cat in heat Shut up, cat, and leave me alone CHORUS: There ain't no heat on round here I don't feel nothing now Not even fear Now that end times are here repeat INTRO repeat CHORUS (without lyrics) repeat INTRO VERSE: Now everyone's crazy, they've lost their minds Just look at the world It could all be over at any old time CHORUS: And I can hear it loud and clear The world is ending, and what do I care? She's gone, end times are here repeat INTRO
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