Eels - On My Feet chords

As always from the eels, simple but beautiful.

One, two, three
Two, two, three

I am a man In great pain over
F Great beauty
C It's not easy
Standing on my feet
F These days
DmBut you know I'm pretty sure that
C GI've been through worse
Dm C G And I'm sure I can take the hit
C I pushed the bed against the window today
F So there'd only be one side
C Well, it's a little less lonely that way
F But I'm still dying inside
Dm When I wake up
C G In the middle of the night
Dm No one's gonna tell me
C G I'll be all right
C So many thousands
Of days in my life
F That I don't remember
C And a small handful
Of days that I do
F Hold near to my heart
Dm And one of those days
C G That I remember well
Dm C G Is about me and you
C When it's time
To look back on my life
F Most of it won't seem so important
C The shit that matters
And what I'll really miss
F Is falling asleep with your arms around me
Dm C G Waking up knowing that you're there
Dm C G Making everything feel right in the world
C People sleeping
In Hazmat suits
F Taping up their windows
C It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world
F And it's hard to make any sense of it
Dm C G But one thing I know that is true in this world
Dm C G Is the love that I felt for you
C Being on my feet these days
F Well, it's a wonder I survive
C No one taught me how to live on my own
F I'm running scared
Dm C G One sweet day I'll be back on my feet
Dm C G And I'll be all right
CI just gotta get
Back on my feet F and so on
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