Eels - Numbered Days chords

E - 022100
E7 - 020100
A - x02220
Asus2 - x02200

Intro: E, E7, A, Asus2

Repeat through whole song.

E E7 A Asus2 Daisy, I never thought I'd go
E E7 A Asus2Crazy, But I never thought you so
E E7Until now, that I see
AAll the crazy things your doing
Asus2 EWhy'd you want to ruin it and me?
Lately, I think you know it's true that's it, it's all over and through for a while we can smile for the people that we're passing and even if their asking we can lie Counting numbered days, Counting numbered days Looks like, the sun is gonna set Know that, there's nothing I regret All the things that I learned well, I like to think I earned it no need to go and burn it down now Counting numbered days, Counting numbered days If you want it sounds good to go to an Am rather than an Asus2 just before the final E chord
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