Eels – Tremendous Dynamite chords

This is my first post here so be kind. I'm sure this could be played differently 
but this sounds right to me, feel free to email corrections 

Standard Tuning

Play with distortion/overdrive, a simple tune most easily played with the A-shape 
barre chord (as below). 

D E G5 7 10
7 9 12 7 9 12 7 9 12 5 7 10 x x x Intro :
D E D E E E E D Eetc
Chorus/Verse :
D E E E E D E E E E D E E E D E G G G - that’s it as far as I can tell, the forth E slides quickly up to D and back
again, if you listen to the cd you’ll pick it up quickly Lyrics: I am el hombre lobo On the prowl for a restless night I got her right here in my sights Got a fuse that I can light She's tremendous She's dynamite She is a formidable opponent She could put up a hard won fight Got her head screwed on real tight Being the bomb is her birthright She's tremendous She's dynamite She's tremendous dynamite I am el hombre lobo On the prowl just past midnight Darting under the town searchlights It's all worth it to take a bite She's tremendous She's dynamite
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