Eels – Thats Not Her Way Tomorrow Morning chords

Artist: Eels
Song: That's Not Her Way (Tomorrow Morning)
Album: Tomorrow Morning
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning

Chords used:
    E  A  D  G  B  e
Am: 5  7  7  5  5  5
Bm: 7  9  9  7  7  7
C5: 8  10 10 8  9  9
D5: 10 12 12 11 10 10
Em: 7  7  9  9  8  7

Intro: Am - Bm - Am - Bm

Verse 1:
Am Bm Am Bm Yeah, she's alright, she's thrown threw her days
Am Bm C5 People throwing words round, and talking such trash
D5 Am Em Bm Am Em BmThere's so much she could say, that's not her way
Am Em Bm Am Em BmThat's not her way
Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords] Awe, I've been a fool for the things on my mind Its not hard to assess, the many terrible things she could say But that's not her way People, that's not her way Interlude: [Am - Bm - C5 - D5] x2 Verse 3: [use verse 1 chords] Yeah, she's alright, she knows who she is She could stop and remind me of the many ways she brightens my day That's not her way People, that's not her way Outro: [Am - Bm - C5 - D5] repeat to fade out
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