Eels – For You tab

Tomorrow morning
For you


C F C F C/E F/D Ab G E:----------------------------------------| E x x x xB:-------15-17-----20-17-15---------------| B 1 1 13 12G:---17--------------------14-14----------| G 0 2 13 12D:----------------------------------------| D 2 3 13 12A:----------------------------------------| A 3 3 11 10E:----------------------------------------| D 2 0 x x
C F C/E F/D C F Where do you go when C/E The day is done F/D But you are not? C F You look for a friend, but C/E Maybe I'm F/D All you got Ab G C Hard to pretend that I've always been here Ab G Ready to be your man C F C/E F/D C F And I heard sounds C/E Comin' through F/D The bedroom wall C F Somebody cryin' C/E Echoin' F/D Down the hall Ab G C Never knew what it is to be a man Ab G C F But now I know that I can C/E F/D C F It's all here for you C/E F/D It's all here for you C F C/E F/D C F And when you need me C/E You know that I'm F/D Always here C F It's not gonna be like C/E It ever was F/D Before, my dear Ab G C Hard to believe the dyin' words of a lyin' man Ab G But that's not me Here I am
C F C/E F/D C F C/E F/DE:-----------------------------------------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------------------------------------|G:--------10----9-----------------10----9--------------------------|D:---10--------------12------10------------------12----(10)--------|A:-----------------------------------------------------------------|E:-----------------------------------------------------------------|
E:-----------------------------------------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------------------------------------|G:-----------------------------------------9-12--10--9--7--5-------|D:-----------------------------------------------------------------|A:-----------------------------------------------------------------|E:-----------------------------------------------------------------| It's all here for you It's all here for you
C F C/E F/D C F C/E F/D CE:-----------------------------------------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------------------------------------|G:--------10----9-----------9----------9-------10-------9----------|D:---10----------------12------12--10----10------10--10---12-12-10-|A:------------------------------------------12---------------------|E:-----------------------------------------------------------------|
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