Eels - Going To Your Funeral tab

I've searching the whole web . But I didn't find any tabs for this song. Although it's 
easy. But it's a really great song with 3 chords. E, B and A.

The main part is

E B A Be------------------------------------------------------|B----------12----------16----------14-12---------------|G-------13----------16----------14-------14-13---------|D----14----------16----------14----------------16------|A-------------14~~~~~~~~~~12~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~------|E-12~~~~~~~~~~-----------------------------------------|
I think, that the whole song goes E, B, A, B. There just another different part by min. 1:57, but also in E, B, A, B.
E B A Be-x--x-xx--x--x--7--7-77--7--x-xx--x--x--0--0-00--0---------|B-x--x-xx--x--x--9--9-99--9--x-xx--x--x--0--0-00--0---------|G-x--x-xx--x--x--9--9-99--9--x-xx--x--x--1--1-11--1---------|D-x--x-xx--x--x--9--9-99--9--x-xx--x--x--2--2-22--2---------|A-x~~x~xx~~x~~x~~7~~7~77~~7~-x-xx--x--x~~2--2-22--2---------|E-x--x-xx--x--x--------------x-xx--x--x--0--0-00--0---------|
I don't know if it is 100% right, but in my ears it sound like it. So have fun with this song.
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