Eels - To Lick Your Boots tab

			     to Lick Your Boots - Eels
Tabbed by: Anton Petersson 5/10-2005


You have to choose one of these tabs when you play the song. Choose the first
one if you don't know how to play barre. Choose the second tab if you know how
to play a barre.( The only thing you can do with the second tab is the slide.
So you don't
have to be upset because you don't play the second tab)

First tab:

D D C Ce|-----2--------2-------0-------0------------------------------------------|B|-----3--------3-------0-------0------------------------------------------|G|---2---2----2---2---1---1---1---1----------------------------------------|D|-0--------0--------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------3-------3----------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Second tab:
D D C Ce|-----5--------5----------3--------3--------------------------------------|B|-----7--------7----------5--------5--------------------------------------|G|---7---7----7---7s5----5---5----5---5s7----------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-5--------5----------3--------3------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Okay when you've choosed your tabs, just play the C and D chords in the song the same way. D D c c Miss o'malley didn't mean what she said D D c c Got a heart but a head full of lead D D c c She can dream but she never can do it D D C C You're alright and you're gonna get through it F G People spend their days G F Trying to find new ways F G F To put you down all over town F G But they're not fit G C To lick your boots (just play the chord here, except the C chord which is played as above) | D | D | C | C | x4
Am Bm C Bme|-----0-------2-------3------2------|B|------1-------3-------5------3-----|G|-------2-------4-------5------4----| x2D|-----------------------------------|A|--0-------2-------3-------2--------|E|-----------------------------------|
D D C C D Nothing harder to watch, than an englishman D C C D Trying to cry, even if he can D C C D He can dream but he never can do it D C Saying you -- you're the one that blew it F G People spend their days G F Trying to find new ways F G F To put you down all over town F G But they're not fit G C To lick your boots | D | D | C | C | x4
The Banjo (or what it is) plays this while the chords C and D are repeated:e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-s7-----7s5-----5s7-----7s5-----5s7-----7s5-----5s7----------------------|D|-s7-----7s5-----5s7-----7s5-----5s7-----7s5-----5s7----------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
F G People spend their days G F Trying to find new ways F G F To put you down all over town F G But they're not fit G C To lick your boots Keep Playing the chords D and C until the song ends
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