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Egg Yolk Jubilee – Emergency Ward chords

Ab E7The first time I went down to the Emergency Ward
A F7 E7I saw her there administering plasma and gauze.
Ab E7While filling out multiple insurance forms
A GI feel directly in love watching her dance in her pretty pink scrubs
F EI was entranced with the little nurse down in the Emergency Ward
VERSE II The next time I went down to the Emergency Ward I put my hand on ice after a fight with a chopping board I asked someone if she could help me out But they told me she was busy with a case of hyperactive gout So, they sewed it back on and I used it later on the same night BRIDGE:
EmShe's the Nurse that I love(spoken: Yes you are)
AbmDirty dreams, dirty schemes(spoken:The things i'd do to get close to you)
EmShe's the nurse that I love
AbmThough it was a little extreme(Spoken: Why i'd throw myself down a flight of stairs)
G F# FI think I bleed a little too much this time. I'm in love, I think i'm in trouble now
(Spoken: Just to be able to wake up and smell your hairs. I would walk into an industrialized fan)
Em EI don't think she can make it right this time
(spoken: Just to have you lovingly change my bedpan) SOLO VERSE III
Ab E7Well the last time I went down to the Emergency Ward
A F7 E7I can hardly breath, I might have gone a little too far
Ab E7But she came to me to give me C.P.R.
A And when our lips met, my heart exploded
GIt was probably the crystal meth
Fbut I finally got a kiss and I could embrace death
Eand die happily ever after.... yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
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