Egyptian Hip Hop – Rad Pitt chords

Band: Egyptian Hip Hop
Song: Rad Pitt

Ok, the song is pretty simple there are 4 chords throughout the song that are imrpovised on. 

Intro/Verse/Chorus: C/G/Am/Am (you can from time to time add F chord to the same 
progression instead of playing Am chords for last two bars, for instance C/G/Am/F)easy as pie. 

Intro: C/G/Am/Am

CWhat are we today
GEnlighten me some other way
AmCrawling right out of your shell
FPack my bag and wish me well
CWho am I to you
GBut a mighty fool
AmLet me feel it
FSo much hunger
Break: I have time, to sit around And waste the days, I could have had I have only one regret That I never, lived my life, at its best I will take, your side You can, provide For me, in the long run It, will be, all we thought it was What are we today Enlighten me some other way Crawling right out of your shell Pack my bag and wish me well Who am I to you But a mighty fool Let me feel it So much hunger Lyrics from
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