Eire Og – The Armagh Sniper chords

play with capo on 1st fret.  up the ra 

In [Am] South Armagh there was a man who had a long ranged gunHe said "I`ll show them army boys there`s nowhere they can run"
He was the South Armagh sniper He`d pick a spot and wait the whole day [Em] through Until a Brit patrol came into [Am] view The [A] Armagh sniper he never missed his mark He was [D] lethal in the daytime and deadly in the dark If he [A] gets you in his sights you`d better say your [E] prayers So British troops go home or else [Am] beware
[Am] Soon his reputation spread through Ulster like wildfireThe list of British casualties just kept on getting higher
It was the South Armagh sniper He made the British forces think a[Em]gain Of wandering at night through Crossma[Am]glen The [A]Armagh sniper the Brits were terrified They could [D] never pin him down no matter how they tried If he [A]gets you in his sights he`ll make widows of your [E] wives So Brits go home while you still have your [Am] lives
[Am] Now in London and in Dublin they pretend to speak of peaceThey say give us your guns and we shall make this bloodshed cease
But the South Armagh sniper He`s heard their lies and double talk be[Em]fore He won`t be fooled or cheated any[Am]more The [A]Armagh sniper he hasn`t gone away His [D] rifles always loaded he`s just waiting for the day So [A]if the British forces should break their word well [E] then The sniper will go back to work a[Am] gain
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